How To Become A Concurrent Enrollment Instructor

Step 1: Find out if you're qualified.

To find out if you're qualified, view the department qualifications for your course to see if you meet the requirements necessary to teach the course. Every course has different requirements for adjunct status.

Department Qualifications

Step 2: Submit an Application.

Submit your application, along with your resume, syllabus, and other required materials (see qualifications) to your site representative. Your site and district representatives will approve and submit your application to us. Be sure the syllabus matches the Adjunct Syllabus Template exactly, and include all the information your department has given.

Applications are due the January 30 prior to the year you plan to teach the course. Please submit applications to Amy Holmes (see contact information).

Application to teach

Step 3. Get Approved

A WSU department representative will review your application once we've received it. If you meet all the qualifications, we'll send an approval notice to you and your Concurrent Enrollment coordinator. If you're new to Concurrent Enrollment, read through the guidebook to get familiar with policies and procedures, and view the calendar to find out important information such as registration and grade due dates.

If you are not approved, you have the right to seek approval at another Utah institution. You will need a "Right of First Refusal" to do this. You can request a Right of First Refusal through your site representative.

Right of First Refusal Form


All Concurrent Enrollment adjunct faculty must submit an application and syllabus each year, attend the annual department training, and follow the guidelines in the partner helpbook.