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Community Education Center

2955 Harrison Blvd., Ogden, Utah
(801) 626-7911

The COMMUNITY EDUCATION CENTER is for anyone looking to earn a college degree. Our bilingual staff is dedicated to breaking down social barriers to education. Our goal is to help under-represented community members gain access to higher education.



Do you want to go to Weber? We provide step-by-step until you are sitting in class. Everything from applying to how to pay for school. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday | 1-5pm

  • Spanish GED Classes: $30

    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday | 6-8pm

  • Beginner’s Spanish for the Professional

    Tuesday, Wednesday | 12-1pm

  • ESL: $30

    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday | 6-8pm

  • Children’s School

    Free childcare for participating families.
    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday | 6-8pm

  • Family To Family Class

    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday | 6-8pm

  • Hours

    Monday and Friday
    9am – 2pm
    Tuesday, Wednesday
    and Thursday
    2pm – 8pm

Education, Service, and Research

  • The Community Education Center

    Our vision is to break down social and historical barriers in order to create an environment of trust, collaboration, and inclusiveness between Weber State University and under-represented communities in Weber and Davis counties. Our mission is to increase the enrollment of non-traditional, under-represented populations in post-secondary programs.

  • The Melba S. Lehner Children’s School

    The Melba S. Lehner Children’s School provides quality care and education for young children from surrounding communities. The school serves as a training lab for students as well as a teaching school for young children. The Children’s School provides support for families who are continuing their education through the Community Education Center and provides an opportunity for university students to be involved with children and families in the community.

  • The Community Research Extension (CRE)

    The Community Research Extension (CRE) of the Center for Engaged Learning (CCEL) is responsible for assessing the various services, opportunities, and experiences that the CCEL and CEC provide. In addition, the CCEL-CRE will help coordinate and facilitate research needs that community organizations may have. Currently, the primary project for which the CCEL-CRE is providing services is United Way’s Ogden United Promise Neighborhood Grant.

Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis, Ph.D.
Vice Provost, Dean—Continuing Education

We are excited to be involved in this new effort to reach out to underserved students and families in the Ogden area. A university education helps students and their families live richer, fuller lives. We want to bring these learning opportunities to those who have not had them in the past, inspire within them hopes and dreams for a better future, and provide personalized support for individuals and families with special challenges and needs. We appreciate the partners across the university and in the community that have helped make this dream a reality.”

Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis, Ph.D.
Vice Provost, Dean—Continuing Education

What Students are Saying

  • I love Weber State because everything here helps me become more successful. Let’s go Weber!”
    —Madahí M.

  • What I love most about Weber State is that the Criminal Justice staff actually cares about me learning something and taking it into the field.”
    —Michael S.

  • I like that Weber is a really diverse place. You can always find different kinds of people to interact with.”
    —José V.