Accelerated Academy

Accelerated Academy:

Designed for Criminal Justice Graduates

The Practical Skills Academy (PSA) is an accelerated Law Enforcement Academy designed especially for students who have earned a minimum of a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice. The PSA allows students to waive certain academic portions of the Basic Peace Officer training program which they have already covered as a part of their degree program and focus on the practical knowledge and skills not generally included in a college or university criminal justice degree program. This shortened academy is approximately half as long as the regular full time academy.  
  • Admission

    It is not required to apply for WSU admissions or pay any admission fees. Complete the online registration form to apply to the Academy. Utah Law states that each applicant meet specific requirements including:
    • Must be 21 years when the class begins
    • Must be a high school graduate
    • Pass fingerprinting and background check
    • Pass the POST test and a physical training test.

    Entrance Requirements


     All applicants for law enforcement training are required to take and pass the National Peace Office Selection Test (NPOST), prior to attending the academy. See the NPOST Test page for details on cost, study guide and testing locations.  

    The fitness requirements consist of the following:
    • Vertical jump: 14.5 inches
    • Sit-ups: 23 reps within 1 minute
    • Push ups: 14 reps
    • 1.5 mile run: 16:11 or less
    All activities are done back to back with just 5-10 minute rest in between. This test is only given to students that are actually registered in a session. See the Fitness Requirements page for entry and exit physical exam details.  

    To qualify for acceptance into a Practical Skills Academy the cadet must have received a Bachelor’s Degree (4 year degree or better) in Criminal Justice. The degree program from each institution must be reviewed by POST to confirm that it meets all the requirements for admittance into the PSA.   WSU has been approved by POST. If you have received your degree from any other institution you must submit transcripts and course descriptions from the awarding institution’s catalogue or other official publication to POST for review. POST will compare the awarding institution’s official course descriptions to the approved POST curriculum to make sure that the degree program covers the pertinent material from POST classes that are waived as part of a Practical Skills Academy.   Once an institution’s degree program has been reviewed and approved as outlined above any other cadets coming from that institution may not have to go through this same review process. POST will maintain a list of those degree programs that have been previously approved for acceptance into the Practical Skills Academy.   For more information on this process call 801-395-3412.