Approval Process for WSU Faculty

Steps to WSU concurrent adjunct faculty and class approval

1. Ensure departmental qualifications are met

Review the application once you receive it from the Weber State University Concurrent Enrollment office, and then make a decision on whether the applying faculty meets the qualifications necessary to be a faculty member (please be sure the online qualifications list matches what your department has specified as approved qualifications).

2. Indicate approval status

Once you have made your decision, notify the Concurrent Enrollment office.

Additional Considerations:

If you receive a Right of First Refusal form attached to a request that you are unable to approve, please sign on the department line and return to the Concurrent Enrollment department. If WSU chooses not to partner with interested high schools, the Board of Regents allows a rejected high school to receive Right of First Refusal from their primary college/university and approach another for concurrent sponsorship. We are the primary post-secondary institution for Davis, Morgan, Ogden, and Weber school districts.