WSU Faculty Get the Benefits

Fee for Service

Following the WSU Provost and College Deans’ agreement for Fee for Service, the WSU Concurrent Enrollment Office calculates a fee for service allocation for each participating academic department based on the previous year’s level of involvement. Concurrent enrollment sends that fee to the appropriate dean in early Fall. Each department must work with its Dean to determine access to those funds. Our intention is that it will help defray the costs to the department for its level of involvement with the program.

  • The Department will be paid $100 for each Concurrent Enrollment course section, e.g., 6 Sections=$600.

    WSU Department will:

    Assess the concurrent status of a requesting instructor and course in a timely manner and provide adequate assistance to assure that teachers understand department expectations for quality standards

    Responsibility required by USHE, USOE and NACEP accreditation

  • You are paid a Pro-rated amount per number of visitations made to the schools to see the adjunct instructors

    WSU Department will:

    Complete a visit to each approved teacher/class and submit the visitation form to the concurrent office at end of school year.

  • You are paid $500 total for any number of individual trainings, or $1000 for co-facilitate a CE professional development training

    WSU Department will:

    Serve as an active co-host for an annual concurrent professional development session and offer pertinent instructional strategies, resources and assistance.

    Amount varies depending on number of department-approved teachers.

    Responsibility required by USHE, USOE and NACEP accreditation

  • After the fees are generated, you will receive an additional amount which is based upon a percentage of remaining FFS monies. This percentage is apportioned according to the percentage of concurrent SCHs generated by each WSU department partner. The percentage of total earned concurrent student credit hours generated from classes sponsored by the department is used to calculate an additional allocation from the remaining fee for service budget

    i.e., if the fee for service balance is $110,000 and the department generates 5 % of the total SCHs earned by all concurrent students, than $5500 is allocated in addition to the number of sections allocation (see above).