Why earn a Bachelor's Degree in
Automotive Technology?

Do you thrive in fast-paced work environments? Are you interested in keeping up with the future trends in the automotive industry? If you have a strong background in automotive diagnosis and repair, then a bachelor’s degree in Automotive Technology could be right for you.

With a bachelor’s degree, you’ll be able to position yourself for a leadership role within the automotive industry. You’ll be qualified to work for some of the leading manufacturers around the country, or you can find a great career close to home.

Better Pay

Instead of getting paid by each job you complete, you’ll move into the industry with a great starting salary and with tremendous potential for growth and advancement.

Better Hours

No more long hours of grinding labor. You’ll be able to work regular business hours that take you out of the shop and into the office.

Two Degree Options to Choose From

Online or on campus:
We've got a bachelor's program that's right for you.

Field Service Operations

Available Online or On Campus

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Advanced Vehicle Systems

Available on Campus

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Why earn a bachelor's degree at
Weber State University?

Affordable Tuition

Weber State University’s low tuition cost and access to financial aid makes it extremely affordable to advance in your career field without breaking the bank. We even offer reduced tuition for out-of-state students who are in the automotive program.

From an intern to hired

WSU’s automotive program partners with industry leaders like GM, Tesla, Toyota, Chrysler and Ford. You’ll have the opportunity for internships to bolster your skills and knowledge. Many of our students who work as interns are hired upon graduation.

Graduates are in demand

There’s a shortage of professionals who are educated in the latest advanced vehicle systems and technology giving you a one up on the competition. Our graduates are actively recruited by most of the world’s major automobile manufacturers including Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM, Chrysler and more.