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English as a Second Language

Weber State University offers 11-week English as a Second Language (ESL) courses for those hoping to improve their English skills. Our ESL program is known for its well-qualified instructors, high completion rates and low-cost tuition. Students who register will take a placement test to determine their skill level: Pre-A, A, B or C. Each course is taught as a non-credit university course, requiring a grade of 77% or higher to advance to the next level.
The WSU Community Education Center intends to offer ESL courses face-to-face over fall semester. However, a change in COVID-19 risk levels may necessitate a switch to remote learning. WSU has contingency plans for how the university will deliver courses in any recovery stage, including if the state moves back to a heightened risk level or a specific situation arises on campus.

Join Our ESL Program

Register to take the placement test for a low fee of $10

After your placement test, we will notify you of the course to register for that matches your skill level.

Attend 11 weeks of face-to-face instruction per course.

Upon receiving a passing grade, you will progress to the next level of ESL classes.

Cost for ESL Courses

$10 placement test fee, $100 tuition and $40 book fee