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Weber State University WSU Division of Online &Continuing Education

Computer Literacy Courses

Weber State University offers non-credit, online, self-paced courses for you to expand your computer literacy skills. You will have unlimited access to video-based instruction, work-based projects and assessments. You can start and finish each course at your own pace within a six-month window.

Current faculty, staff and active students - go to the bottom of this page

Registration open from Jan. 1, 2023 to Apr. 30, 2023.

Community Members
  • Using a Computer
    Focus on the basics: Computer components, emails and operating system. Learn about Windows, the internet, file and folder management, information security, ethics and international computer issues.
  • Using Microsoft Powerpoint 1
    Discover how to create presentations and use design templates and elements like titles, bulleted lists, images, and animated GIF’s. Also learn how to add slides and format text. *Not endorsed, sponsored by, nor affiliated with Microsoft.
  • Using Microsoft Excel 2
    Perform advanced functions within Microsoft Excel, such as managing multiple files and worksheets. Learn how to extract records from your databases, automate repetitive tasks and set up pivot tables to analyze data from different views. *Not endorsed, sponsored by, nor affiliated with Microsoft.
  • Using Microsoft Powerpoint 2
    Incorporate interactive elements such as graphics, videos and charts. Learn how to customize your presentations and keep them consistent using the time-saving master slides feature. *Not endorsed, sponsored by, nor affiliated with Microsoft.
  • R Programming
    Use R and RStudio. Summarize data using descriptive statistics. Create frequency tables and plot data. Use linear regression to capture the correlation between two variables.
  • Using Microsoft Word 1
    <P>Take up to six months with video-based, online instruction to learn basic document creation skills using Microsoft Word, including document creation, formatting test, inserting graphics, creating tables and more. Earn a badge that proves your skills to employers.</P>
  • Using Microsoft Excel 1
    <P>Take up to six months with on-demand, video-based instruction to learn the basic tools of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets such as data formatting, AutoSum, enter and copy functions, graphs charts and more. Earn a badge that demonstrates your knowledge to employers.</P>

Faculty, Staff and Active Students

If you are a current staff or faculty member or active student of Weber State, please go to the Professional Development site to register for these courses.