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Photoshop Basics

Start from the beginning by learning how to open Photoshop, then explore the software’s tools. Next, make your images really stand out with more advanced techniques such as layers, masks, blending modes, selections, creative effects, overlays, compositing and more. Students should have basic computer operation skills.


Adobe Photoshop, and a computer capable of handling it.

(Here is the information for getting a free trial subscription of Adobe Photoshop, if you do not already own it)

ACCESSING Adobe Photoshop (from the class in Canvas):

Did you know that as a Continuing Education student, you are eligible to receive a one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud FOR FREE which includes Photoshop as well as many other Adobe software products? This is an amazing deal, especially considering that most people pay over $50 per month for this service. Here's how you get approval for a student account:

1) Click Here (Links to an external site.) and fill out the form at the bottom requesting a license. You must use your assigned email account. You can enter "Continuing Education" as your major.

2) Wait! Your request could take up to one business day to get approved.

3) Check your email account for your approval email.

4) Download the Creative Cloud Desktop Here (Links to an external site.). Once you install this and log in with your account, you will be able to Install Photoshop from this application.

Thu | July 29–Aug. 19 6–8 p.m. | $69 Virtual

Taught By: Sara Lleverino