Watercolor for the Beginner (Section II)

Explore techniques to create your first watercolor masterpiece. Learn the correct water-to-paint ratio, color mixing, watercolor supplies, and how to create an original work of art. Explore the basics and discover a fun and relaxing hobby.

Students must provide their own supplies, available on Amazon or craft stores such as Michael’s

BRUSHES (You need 3 brushes total)

  • 1 round brush size 2 or 3
  • 1 round brush size 5 or 6
  • 1 wash brush size 1/2 inch
  • Grumbacher has some nice ones at Michaels under the level 2 artist sign

    They are also sold on Amazon. Michaels usually has a online coupon you can use if you want to save a few bucks. If you don't want to spend that much you can buy cheaper ones but they might not work as well


  • Prang Watercolor set, 8 or 16 set (either will work)

  • Cold press watercolor paper pad 9"x12", 11"x14" or bigger of you want

  • roll of paper towels
  • masking tape
  • cup/dish for water
  • masonite, MDF, or wood board for stretching 12x15 inches or bigger
  • (They will cut you a piece at Lowe's or Home Depot) Your board needs to be bigger than your artwork so you can tape the paper onto it

    Wed | Oct. 23–Nov. 27 7–9 p.m. | $79 775 S University Park Blvd. Center for Continuing Education, Rm. 210 Clearfield, UT

    Taught By: Julie Wright