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FAQs for Students

  • What is Concurrent Enrollment and how does it work?
    Concurrent Enrollment allows you to earn college credit while you complete required high school credit. One CE class can give you credit toward high school graduation as well as university general education.
  • Are Concurrent Enrollment Classes Different from Standard College Classes?
    Weber State University must ensure that all students receive the same curriculum and experience for a class whether it is taught by your high school teachers or by an instructor on Weber’s campus. Concurrent Enrollment students will leave their classes with the same level of knowledge as any other Weber State student. Credits are graded and earned the same way as regular courses would be after high school!
  • Is it Possible to Take Classes on Campus?
    Yes! If you want to take classes on our campus that are taught by Weber State Professors then you’ll want to look into Early College. You can take both Early College and Concurrent Enrollment classes at the same time.
  • What are the Advantages of Concurrent Enrollment?
    Concurrent Enrollment courses count as true Weber State credit and are fully transferable to any other university. The cost for each class is five dollars per credit hour, for example, one 3 credit course will cost you 15 dollars - a massive savings! Getting a jump start on your college career and just trying them out is a great way to make the best of your high school academics! Whether you plan to earn your Associate’s Degree, Certificate of Completion, or get ahead, please contact our advising team at!
  • Don’t Forget: Concurrent Students are Weber Students!
    Once you have completed the Concurrent Enrollment admissions process you are enrolled as a Weber State student. As a Weber State student you will gain access to your eWeber portal. Anything related to your student experience will need to be accessed after logging into your portal; just like regularly admitted students would!
  • The eWeber Portal: Your Virtual Home as a Weber Student
    Through the eWeber Portal you will be able to access anything from your schedule to transcripts to your official Weber State student email. When in doubt, check your eWeber portal!
  • What Does it Mean to Have a Weber State Student Email?
    All correspondence to students from the university will be sent to their Weber State email. It is vital to your success as a student to check and use your WSU email regularly.
  • How do you access your WSU student email?
    Upon logging into your eWeber portal, your Wildcat Mail can be accessed in the “Featured” category of your eWeber portal. Please note that once you have been admitted to the university any and all correspondence from Weber State will go to your Wildcat mail.
  • What is a W#?
    All Weber State students have a unique student identification number that is most often called their “W#”. A student’s W# is commonly used when dealing with anything related to the student record.
  • Where Can You Find Your W#?
    The quickest way to find your W# will be to log in to your eWeber portal and click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the page. Once you’ve clicked on your profile picture select “Show W#” and it will appear below your profile picture.
  • Having Trouble Finding your Username and Password? No Problem!
    If you have completed your admissions application, but do not know your username and password there is no need to worry as it is only a few steps away. Your username and password can easily be found here. Once you are on the “Get Your Wildcat Username” page after providing your birthdate and Social Security Number our system will provide you with your matching username. After receiving your username it will then allow you to set a new password. Then you’re good to log in!
  • How Does Registering for Concurrent Enrollment Classes Work?
    As a Concurrent Enrollment student you’ll first sign up for your classes through your high school along with your regular high school classes. You’ll then sign up for each of your CE classes by clicking on the “register for classes” button found at the top of Log in with your eWeber username and password to then open up a selection of available CE classes from your high school.

    Once you’ve selected all of your classes and added them to your cart, you will then need to pay for them in order to register. CE classes cost $5 per credit hour. If you experience any issues with this process please contact us at 801-395-3480 or email us at
  • How Many Concurrent Enrollment Classes Should You Take?
    There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Our recommendation is to attend a CE Information session that is hosted here at Weber State. You can also email with any questions or to set up an appointment with an advisor. However, you can only take a maximum of 30 credits per academic year!
  • Are Concurrent Enrollment Advisors Easy to Meet With?
    Yes! Chances are that you can meet with them right at your high school. We currently have advisors in every school that offers Concurrent Enrollment through Weber State in the Davis, Weber, and Ogden districts. Our advisors have devoted an entire day to meet with students from each school. To set up an appointment, email!

    If you do not fall under any of the districts listed above it is our recommendation to still contact us at so that we can do our utmost to make sure that you succeed.
  • The Benefits and Consequences of CE Grades
    Grades earned in your Concurrent Enrollment classes affect your high school GPA and your Weber State University GPA. This means that final grades received for CE classes impact your future for years to come. When signing up for CE classes, be incredibly careful that the workload you take on is an amount that you feel comfortable with. If you find yourself struggling with a class for any reason, be it academic or personal, please note that you only have so long to drop or withdraw from a class before it is permanently reflected on your university record. You can find all deadlines on the Concurrent Enrollment home page.
  • What Does it Mean to Drop a Class?
    When you drop a class it no longer shows on your academic record. It’s as-if it never happened. If you want to drop a class, the deadline to do so is incredibly short. So if you find yourself struggling in a class early on then you need to be resolute as to whether or not you will stay enrolled in the class. Remember, final CE grades will follow you to any college or university that you attend in the future.

    Dropping a class can be done by speaking to your high school’s CTE coordinator. You can find all deadlines on the Concurrent Enrollment home page.
  • What Does it Mean to Withdraw From a Class?
    When you withdraw from a class it still shows on your academic record. It DOES NOT affect your GPA. However, it DOES show on your academic transcript as a “W'' and can affect any considerations that take into account your overall completion rate. If you want to withdraw from a class, the deadline to do so after the drop deadline is much shorter than the length of the class itself. So if you find yourself struggling in a class, then you still have time to make this critical decision. Remember, final CE grades will follow you to any college or university that you attend in the future.

    Withdrawing from a class can be done by speaking to your high school’s CTE coordinator. You can find all deadlines on the Concurrent Enrollment home page.
  • What Does it Mean to Withdraw From a Class?
    We’d love to help! Contact us at 801-395-3480 or you can email us at For any advising related questions please contact

FAQs for Site Reps & Schools

  • What is required of my CE teachers?
    Teachers have a set of standards they are expected to meet as Concurrent Enrollment instructors. They must meet all program deadlines and follow all WSU policies. They must also assist in coordinating an annual classroom visit by the WSU department liaison to ensure university accreditation standards are being met. Teachers must attend the annual professional development session and any additional departmental professional development sessions.

    Teachers MUST confirm student registration and verify accuracy of WSU class rosters often. They must also enter final grades (A-E) for all students within three working days after the final exam date.

    Each department may have additional expectations for their instructors. Specific department qualifications/expectations can be found on under “Courses.”

    General CE Instructor expectations are outlined in this CE Handbook
  • Where do I find the list of teacher qualifications for each CE class?
    Go to and browse in “Courses” to find details (including instructor qualifications) for each CE course offered at Weber.
  • My teachers were approved last year; do I need to have them apply again?
    Yes, teachers must apply through MyCE by Jan 31st every year, even if it’s a repeat course. We need the approval process because it keeps our numbers accurate and our departments updated for trainings and course materials.
  • What's the minimum GPA students need for GenEd CE classes? For CTE classes?
    Students need a 3.0 GPA to take General Education Concurrent Enrollment courses. Students taking Career and Technical Education (CTE) defined courses may enroll with a 2.0 GPA.
  • What's the deadline to enroll/drop/withdraw?
    Check out our calendar.
  • What's the deadline for final grades?
    Final grades must be submitted online in the eWeber portal for all CE classes three working days after the date of the final exam. Missing grades on the USBE and USBR reports could affect future allocations.

    The following grades are unacceptable for Concurrent Enrollment courses: I - Incomplete and UW - Unofficial Withdrawal
  • What's the deadline for Exception to Policy (ETP) forms?
    Exception to Policy forms for missed registration are due by October 1 for Fall semester and March 1 for Spring Semester. Acceptance of ETP request is not guaranteed and students are only allowed one (1) ETP form their entire high school career.

    Exception to Policy forms for missed withdraws or drops are due by the end of the high school semester. Acceptance of ETP request is not guaranteed and students are only allowed one (1) ETP from their entire high school career.
  • What's the late registration fee?
    Registering for a CE course after the deadline will carry a $40 late fee. Deadlines listed on the calendar.
  • How do I submit a course proposal for a new instructor?
    Site reps will need to submit course proposals for new instructors (whether they are newly hired or existing faculty who have not taught CE before) using MyCE. Reps will need to collect the instructor’s resume and transcripts as well as their course syllabus, which should be created from the template attached to the course description (in the “Courses” section) in MyCE. Once the site rep submits on behalf of a new instructor, the course will move through the approval process, which culminates with the new instructor getting their own account in MyCE.
  • What is required for existing teachers’ course proposals?
    If teachers are already in MyCE with a current resume and transcript, all that is required for each new year’s course proposal is the course syllabus for the upcoming year (using syllabus templates established by each department, found linked to individual courses in the “Courses” tab).
  • How do I request a brand-new CE course?
    If you want to offer a course for Concurrent Enrollment that is not currently offered by Weber State, start by contacting us to find the appropriate alignment between the high school course and university course. Once determined, that alignment needs to be documented and explained in detail. These new course requests are due by November 1 for courses to be offered the following school year.
  • How do we submit a grade change for a student?
    The instructor must email from their WSU faculty email account requesting the grade change. The student’s name, W#, the course information and the correct grade must be included. A separate email must be sent for each individual student if submitting more than one grade change.
  • How do I know if an Exception to Policy is appropriate, and how do I fill it out?
    An Exception to Policy is appropriate for a student whose circumstances are outside of their control, but which cause the student’s performance or attendance in the CE class to suffer. If you feel your student’s situation falls under this exception, submit an Exception to Policy (with the student’s signature), and we will consider it. All Exceptions to Policy are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

    For a late registration: Explain that the student did not register within the designated registration window. Get the student’s signature.

    For late drops due to illness: Explain the circumstances, include signed medical documentation, and get the student’s signature.

    For a student who moved away from the school/district: Try to get the student’s signature prior to his/her departure from the school.
  • Can I fill out a syllabus template for my instructor(s)?
    No, please have your instructors do their own syllabus so that they are entirely familiar with its contents. Verify that the syllabus the instructor has submitted is the most recent version available (templates located in “Courses” in MyCE).

FAQs for Teachers

  • How do I check rolls?
    Login to your eWeber portal, go to “Faculty Dashboard,” and select your course. From that menu, choose “Summary class list.” You can also find your list of students in your WSU Canvas course, also accessed from the eWeber portal. If you notice a discrepancy between your WSU rolls and your high school rolls, please work with those students and your site rep to rectify the problem.
  • How often should I check rolls?
    You should check rolls at the end of your first week to make sure that the students showing up to class are ALL on the roster. You should also verify that there are no extra students on the WSU roster who are not showing up to class. These discrepancies can be resolved quickly if you check your rolls early and continue to cross-reference your school’s attendance sheet until all discrepancies are resolved.
  • I was approved to teach last year; do I have to apply again?
    Yes. Our course approval system requires new proposals each year for multiple reasons, like allowing departments to keep track of their CE teachers, giving us estimates of how many courses and sections will be offered, and most importantly, allowing you to get a CRN issued for your course so that students can register and earn credit. Please fill out a course proposal on MyCE with your syllabus updated for the upcoming school year by Jan 31st.
  • How do I activate tuition benefits?
    As a CE instructor, you can receive tuition benefits to pay for your own undergraduate courses. You can use tuition benefits for graduate courses, but you will be responsible for the difference in tuition cost. Benefits may be applied during the semester you are teaching or the semester immediately following your course. To activate your tuition benefits, email us with your W#, your CRNs from the semester you would like to use, and the specific class you are registering for. Note that all requests for tuition benefits must be in writing and must be made during the semester for which you are requesting benefits. Deadlines for tuition waiver requests may apply as WSU conditions dictate.
  • How do I receive my Wildcard?
    Email us to ask for a signed Wildcard Request Form. Take the completed form to the Student Union building to obtain your card. Note: this benefit is for instructors only, not family members. The card will only be active during semesters you are teaching. The process must be repeated to reactivate your card each semester.
  • How do I submit a grade change for a student?
    Email from your WSU faculty email account requesting the grade change. The student’s name, W#, the course information and the correct grade must be included. A separate email must be sent for each individual student if submitting more than one grade change.
  • How do I enter final grades?
    Log into your eWeber portal and search “faculty dashboard.” From that app, you will see a link to “Submit Final Grades.” DO NOT enter a grade for a student who did not complete your class, and DO NOT enter a grade of “UW” for anyone. If you notice a student in your final grades list who dropped your class, leave their grade empty and contact your site rep to help you begin an Exception to Policy. If you use the WSU Canvas course available to you for every CE class you teach, you can submit grades directly from the Canvas grade book to the WSU Banner system.
  • What’s the attendance/absence policy for CE classes?
    Each university department has their own policy regarding an acceptable number of absences per course, and each course syllabus explains the attendance policy. If the specific department you teach with does not include an absence policy within the syllabus you are welcome to add one. The WSU Concurrent Enrollment office can only support you if policies are written in your syllabus. Please make certain your students are aware of the policy at the beginning of your course and before it concludes.
  • Can I hand out my own disclosure instead of the department syllabus I submitted to you?
    No; you must hand out to your students the syllabus designed by your academic department which you submitted for approval to teach CE. You can add your school-specific or teacher-specific policies to that department syllabus, but you may not subtract anything.