What are my Scholarship Options?

Edge Scholarship

Students may receive a $1,600 tuition- waiver scholarship at Weber State during their freshman year for taking Concurrent Enrollment courses while in high school.

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Academic Scholarships

All students who apply to WSU are automatically considered for Academic Scholarships. Since you've already applied as a Concurrent Enrollment student, all you need to worry about is submitting a new copy of your high school transcripts at graduation. Your school should do this for you, but talk to your counselor to make sure. To qualify for an academic scholarship, you only need an index score of 105!

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You may also qualify for a non-academic scholarship.These include activity scholarships, sponser/need-based scholarships or scholarships for associations. To be considered for these you'll need to apply separately by following these steps:

  1. Go to weber.edu and log in with your Wildcat Username and password.
  2. Under the student services tab, find the Financial Services box and click on scholarship application.
  3. Complete the questions and click submit.
  4. Watch your student portal for more information, and be sure to accept your award online if you qualify for a scholarship.

New Century Scholarship

Students qualify to apply for this scholarship by completing their Associate's degree by the date of their high school graduation with a 3.0 university GPA. The funding for this scholarship fluxuates each year and there are only a certain number of recipients annually. Applications and detailed information are available at newcenturyscholarship.org. The New Century Scholarship is subject to change.

Regents' Scholarship

The Regents' scholarship encourages Utah high school students to prepare for college academically and financially by taking a rigorous course of study and saving for college.

Other Scholarship Options

Departmental, need-based, and leadership scholarships are available to all students who fill out the scholarship application in their student portal. Don't miss out on these types of scholarships. Log into the student portal, click on student services, and fill out this separate application.