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Life happens, we get it. Work, family... we know your life can get a little out of control and pursuing your education may not have always been your highest priority. So whether you started working on a degree and couldn't finish, or you didn't get the chance to start at all, we're here to help.

I'm a Geologist. I wanted a degree where I could make a difference. I remember one day getting in trouble for leaving work 15 minutes early, and I thought, "There's gotta be a better way to make it through life."

When her boss told her that she had to choose between her job and going to school, Alicia had to make one of the hardest decisions of her life.

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For ten years Brian juggled classes and his full-time job as a restaurant manager, sometimes only taking one class a semester.

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Stacy wasn’t a good student in high school, but when she found herself divorced with two kids, she knew she needed to make education a priority.

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Jodie’s sixty-hour work weeks left little time to spend with her young daughter prompting her to return to school in search of a career with a better work-life balance.

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