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Weber State University WSU Division of Online &Continuing Education

Senior Pricing for University Courses

Lifetime Learners, 62 years and older, who have been a Utah resident for 12 consecutive months, are eligible to register for undergraduate courses as a non-degree seeking, lifetime student at a greatly reduced price!

Here's How You Get Started

  1. For initial questions, please call or email the Admissions Office at 801-626-6060 or You will need to complete the "Lifelong Learner" admission form and return it to the Admissions Office. The Admissions Office is located in the Student Service Center (SC 201) on the Ogden Campus (see campus map).

    download an admissions application
  2. Take an AUDIT form to the instructor(s) for approval and signature on the first day of class. Instructor approval is largely based on available space. Once the instructor has signed the AUDIT form, take the form to their department secretary for the required departmental stamp. When both the instructor signature and department stamp have been obtained, return the AUDIT form to Registration office to register for the course(s). The Registrar's Solution Center is located in the Student Service Center room 101, the Enrollment Services desk at the Davis Campus or the West Center.

    View the Academic Calendar for dates and deadlines to cancel or withdrawal from a course(s).

    download an audit form

    For courses that are waitlisted, forms will not be accepted until the second week of the semester, once the waitlist period has ended.
  3. After you have registered for the course(s), pay the course fee at the Cashier's Office (SC 209-next door to the Admissions Office). Ask them for the "Lifetime Learner Exemption." Where applicable, Lifetime Learners will be charged for any course related fees. All refund dates apply.

Please take a moment to ask the instructor questions in order to determine if this course is right for you. The course(s) will appear on an academic transcript; however, no credits will be issued.

Lifetime Learner Registration Audit Policy

Auditing a course allows Lifetime Learners the opportunity to attend a course without earning either a grade or credit for the class.

  1. Lifetime Learners are defined as being Utah residents, 62 years of age or older, and non-degree seeking.
  2. Some courses may not be open to audit Lifetime Learners because of classroom space limitations. Graduate courses are not eligible for the Lifelong Learner program.
  3. Lifetime Learners are to seek both instructor(s) and departmental approval on the first day of class to audit a course. For waitlisted courses, forms will not be accepted until the second week of the semester, the 6th business day of the semester, once the waitlist period has ended.
  4. Lifetime Learners auditing courses are expected to attend on a regular basis. Lifetime Learners may officially withdraw from an audited class according to the deadline defined in the Academic Calendar. Lifetime Learners failing to attend class may be issued a “W” grade at the discretion of the instructor.
  5. Lifelong Learners are not eligible for the Wildcards (WSU student ID cards) not for most campus services and facilities such as the gym, Health Center, etc.
download an audit form