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Phase II: Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Systems (online)

Hybrid-electric vehicles have been available for the past 24 years. Electric vehicles have been gaining popularity for over a decade, and now the entire automotive industry is going electric.

Don’t fall behind in your automotive technology training. Prepare yourself to service, diagnose, and repair these vehicles using safe work practices with our three-phase training program.

Intended Audience: Do-it-yourself hobbyists, hybrid and electric vehicle owners, fleet vehicle technicians and managers, service technicians, service managers, high school and college auto shop teachers, factory training center instructors, vehicle engineers, and service engineers.

Online Class Details

Online (available 24 hours a day)

Prerequisite: Phase I High Voltage Safety Training. 

Duration: Approximately 21 hours of course content. The class will be available for six months after registration.

Instructor: Professor John D. Kelly of the WeberAuto YouTube channel.


What Will I Learn?

  • Hybrid and electric vehicle system types and history
  • Normal operation of hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Low-voltage (LV) direct current (DC) circuits, and systems in hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Proper use and care of personal protective equipment
  • Low-voltage and high-voltage battery types, function, and operation
  • High-voltage battery charging, discharging, and balancing procedures
  • High-voltage (HV) direct current (DC) circuits and systems
  • Inverter and converter types, function, and operation
  • High-voltage (HV) alternating current (AC) circuits related to hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Hybrid transmission and transaxle types, function, and operation
  • Electric vehicle motors and gear reduction system types, function, and operation
  • Internal combustion engine types, function, and operation
  • Cooling system types, loops, function, and operation
  • Braking/regenerative braking types, function, and operation
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system types, function, and operation

Course Fees and Materials

Your $735 course fee will include online training access to reference materials to help you work safely on high-voltage vehicle systems. You will also receive a Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Phase II training certificate from Weber State University.

*Upfront payment by either check or credit card will need to be made at the time of registration before individual(s) will be registered for the class requested.

Beyond Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Systems

At the end of this course, you will be ready to take the ASE xEV Level-1 Electrical Safety Awareness Certification.

Start down the path to earning your ASE L3 Light Duty Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Certification through our sequence of courses.

Phase I: Start off with this Online High-Voltage Safety Training Fundamentals course.
Phase III: Join us on campus for a full week of hands-on training at the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Boot Camp.

Electric Vehicle Training is brought to you by WSU's Department of Automotive Technology.