Concurrent enrollment is the perfect way to earn credits toward your degree before you even graduate high school.


Step 1: Apply to Weber State

Apply here.

Takes 24-48 business hours to process.

At the end of the application process you will be asked to pay a one-time fee you will never have to pay again.


Step 2: Get a User Name and Password

After you are accepted in to Weber State visit to get your username and password

Follow these Username and Password Setup Instructions.


Step 3: Register for Courses Via the FlexReg System

The registration page gives you deadlines and information about how to register once you've been admitted as a Concurrent Enrollment student.

Registration Issues?


Sept 4, 2015:
Y, S1, T1 Admission Deadline
Sept 11, 2015:
Y, S1, T1 Registration Deadline
Sept 11, 2015:
Y, S1, T1 Course Drop Deadline


Oct 23, 2015:
T1 Course Withdraw Deadline


Nov 20, 2015:
S1 Course Withdraw Deadline


Dec 4, 2015:
T2 Admission Deadline
Dec 11, 2015:
T2 Registration Deadline
Dec 11, 2015:
T2 Course Drop Deadline


Jan29, 2016:
S2 Admission Deadline
Jan 29, 2016
T2 Course Withdraw Deadline


Feb 5, 2016
S2 Registration Deadline
Feb 5, 2016
S2 Course Drop Deadline


Mar 4, 2016
Y Course Withdraw Deadline
Mar 18, 2016
T3 Admission Deadline
Mar 25, 2016
T3 Registration Deadline
Mar 25, 2016
T3 Course Drop Deadline


Apr 15, 2016
S2 Course Withdraw Deadline
Apr 29, 2016
T3 Course Withdraw Deadline