NUAMES Early College

A unique educational opportunity


Eligible Northern Utah Academy for Math, Engineering & Science (NUAMES) High School juniors and seniors can take courses through NUAMES Early College with other university students on one of WSU’s campuses to earn up to two years of university credit that may also apply toward high school graduation requirements.

For students interested in the Early College program but do not attend NUAMES High School, click here for more information.


NUAMES Early College is an opportunity to receive required credits for high school graduation while also earning credits towards a post-secondary educational goal. Taking advantage of this opportunity may allow your student to earn an Associate Degree in General Studies while still in high school. It may also make them eligible for post-high school scholarship opportunities.


As a NUAMES Early College student, you have access to all the services available to university students but you are still able to participate in classes and activities at your high school and graduate with your class.