WSU Faculty Requirements

Success of the Concurrent Enrollment Program can only come when the Concurrent Enrollment office, the WSU academic departments and the partnering high schools work closely. The excellent academic quality of Weber State University and the Concurrent Enrollment Program is best when the perspective of each department is upheld in every course.

Expectations of WSU Partners

  1. Provide to WSU Concurrent Enrollment office the written minimum qualifications required for concurrent course content, facilities/equipment and instructional format for concurrent adjunct faculty as well as the faculty qualifications that are to be identical to those used for any WSU adjunct faculty in the sponsoring department.
  2. Review concurrent faculty and site course status requests that are forwarded by the Concurrent Enrollment office as necessary during the school year.
  3. Co-host with the WSU Concurrent Enrollment Office an annual professional development session for your concurrent adjunct faculty.
  4. Visit, at least once, the participating education sites to assess the adequacy of instructional facilities/equipment completing and submitting the provided visitation form to the WSU Concurrent Enrollment Office.
  5. Observe, at least once, each concurrent adjunct faculty while s/he is interacting with registered students.
  6. Provide phone responses on curricular issues to concurrent faculty as needed and forward calls regarding program policy/process to the WSU Concurrent Enrollment Office.
  7. Review concurrent adjunct faculty's student portfolio to assess accuracy of student performance standards.
  8. Implement recruitment strategies with the students participating in the concurrent classes.
  9. Identify a department representative who will have the authority and departmental support to serve as lieason for the department with the WSU Concurrent Enrollment program administrator and partnering school personnel.

Expectations of the WSU Concurrent Enrollment Office

  1. Help WSU Departments understand program policy to ensure a high quality program.
  2. Serve as a liason between WSU department representative and school partners.
  3. Periodically communicate all program data regarding faculty, classes, and student enrollment to WSU departments.
  4. Co-host, coordinate, and cover expenses for annual professional development training with high school representatives.
  5. Monitor request approvals, student enrollment, and student performance.
  6. Produce and distribute program materials: student/parent brochures, welcome packets for concurrent registered students, confirmation notices for approved classes and concurrent adjunct faculty, guidebooks for administrative partners and adjunct faculty, program evaluations by program partners, monthly program updates and the program website.
  7. Provide an annual report to partners and WSU departments.
  8. Coordinate the accreditation application with the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships.