Division of Continuing Education

Our Vision for the Future.


Extend lifelong learning opportunities beyond the traditional campus.

Core Values

Innovation, Collaboration, Flexibility

Strategic Priorities

Expand Access, Enhance Learning, Engage the Community

A Little More About Us...

We earn the respect of our colleagues on campus, our stakeholders in the community, and our peers at other institutions of higher education.

We use flexible, innovative, and highly collaborative approaches to meet student needs, solve problems, and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

We are an acknowledged leader in the use of educational technologies that transcend the limitations of time and place.

We have exceptionally strong partnerships with faculty, members, academic departments, colleges, and university administrators.

We are open and forthright in our dealings with others and hold ourselves accountable for results.

We have close working relationships with employers throughout Northern Utah and are well known for the excellence of our professional development programs.

We provide an outstanding environment in which to work and build a career, with a well-trained and highly educated staff, a comfortable and highly productive work environment, and flexible management practices that optimize our quality of work life.