Principles of Lean Manufacturing

MFET4350 2 30
Eliminating waste and continuous improvement are necessities for all organizations to survive in the competitive world market. This in-depth course introduces participants to lean manufacturing and waste reduction concepts, including work standardization, visual manufacturing and workplace organization, value stream mapping, setup reduction and batch size reduction, quality at the source, point of use storage, total productive maintenance, pull systems/kanbans, tack-time calculation and cellular/synchronous manufacturing design concepts. A combination of lectures, videos and hands-on exercises is included. The course provides two semester hours credit in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from WSU.
  • Identify manufacturing system waste
  • Learn relevant terminology: JIT, kaisen, pull, kanban, etc.
  • Understand the importance of work standardization
  • Understand workplace organization and visual manufacturing tools (5S)
  • Understand and apply value stream mapping concepts
  • Calculate tack times
  • Understand the relationship between lean manufacturing and MRP/MRPII, ERP systems, i.e. capacity planning, master planning, inventory management, engineering, accounting, marketing, and human resources
  • Understand the roles of employees and managers, supply chain issues, pre-automation, autonomation and automation as they apply to lean manufacturing
  • Understand current implementation methodologies

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