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Weber State University WSU Division of Online &Continuing Education

Course Withdrawals

Semester-Based Online*
  • Students can withdraw from individual classes online according to the deadlines on the Academic Calendar.

See more information about withdrawing from a semester-based class

Independent Study (Self-Paced Online*)
  • Courses may be dropped within the first thirty-six days after registration (see the refund policy). Please note courses that are dropped during this time will not appear on student transcripts.
  • 37 days after registration there is no refund.
  • Between days 37 and 126, after registration, students may withdraw from classes. A “W”, (withdrawal), will appear by the class on student transcripts.
  • No withdrawal from classes without an approved Continuing Education Petition after 127 days.

*If you are on Financial Aid you were awarded your assistance based on a certain number of credit hours for the semester. If you do not successfully complete the number of credit hours per semester that your award was based on, you may jeopardize future funding. For questions, contact the Financial Aid Office.; Phone: 801-626-7569.