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Law Enforcement Academy: National Police Officer Selection Test (NPOST)

Entrance Test (No Longer Required)
As of April 1, 2020, the National Police Officer Selection Test (NPOST) is no longer required for acceptance into the academy. However, some law enforcement agencies may still require the NPOST as part of their hiring processes. If you would still like to take the test, WSU will continue to offer it once the university reopens its testing centers, which are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see the university's coronavirus website for more information.
  • Government or state issued picture ID required
  • Scores do not expire
  • Can be taken at any of the listed locations
  • Testing Locations: Can be taken at any of the listed locations (once reopened). Call ahead for information about closures and to see which days and/or specific times the locations offer the NPOST.
  • Price: $30 at WSU Testing Centers (fees vary at other schools)
  • Bring: Your government or state-issued picture ID
    • Scores do not expire
Additional Information: The NPOST is an academic test similar to a high school equivalence exam. It consists of math, reading comprehension, grammar and an incident report writing section.
  • The NPOST is a timed test; each section is timed separately.
  • A minimum of 70% is required in each of the four sections to receive a passing score.
A study guide is available online.
It is recommended that you call ahead as some locations limit the test to certain days and/or specific times.

Approved Locations