• You have six months to complete your course, but all courses may easily be completed in a much shorter time period.
  • You may complete the coursework quickly at the rate of 25% of the work per week. A more realistic rate would be one or two assignments per week.
  • Weber State University does not offer course extensions. Instructors may grant more time according to course standards. (Most instructors require at least 80% completion to allow more time.)


  • All WSU Online courses must begin with the start of a regular semester, though they are not necessarily tied to dates within the semester. See the academic calendar for dates.
  • Paced courses which require students to complete course requirements by certain dates throughout the semester allow more opportunities for interaction.
  • For specific deadlines and due dates, log in to your online course and follow the instructions given by your instructor.

Self-Paced Tips for Success

  • Begin work as soon as possible
  • Set aside an area for study in a quiet area
  • Plan out a study schedule
  • Plan on spending about 3 hours a week "in class"
  • Study routinely and submit assignments regularly
  • Additional tips here.


Semester-Based Tips for Success