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Weber State University WSU Division of Online &Continuing Education

Steps for Secure Testing During Summer 2020

We have worked hard to develop a solution for secure testing during summer semester. This is not perfect, and we still ask that you consider finding ways to assess learning outside of testing. However, the following solution will allow for some summative assessments in as secure of an environment as possible:

  1. Advise students they will need to schedule an appointment at least 48 hours in advance (note this has changed from 24 hours). Appointments scheduled for Mondays must be submitted by 2 p.m. on Saturday.
  2. Tests must have a time limit: no more than 120 minutes.
    1. Any exception to this limit must be submitted to Tracey Smith for consideration. Untimed tests cannot be accommodated during summer semester.
  3. Test reviews cannot be proctored. Instructors will need to enable “Allow review at any computer, not just at the sites where the test was available,” or students will need to review with their instructor.
  4. In order for the proctor to administer the exam in a secure setting, the “Everywhere Else” site must be removed from the Sites Associated list, and only secure testing center sites should be listed.
  5. Faculty are asked to limit their secure tests to a maximum of five, including the final, per course for the summer.
  6. Instructors will need to provide information for their summer tests to the Testing Center by completing the Summer 2020 Test Request form. A test request form will need to be submitted for each test.
  7. We cannot accommodate paper tests while testing centers are closed. This is due to the complicated nature of getting paper tests to students and getting them returned, scanned, etc...
  8. If the proctor is unable to see the student and their screen during the test, the proctor will end the test and notify the instructor. The instructor will need to determine how best to assess the student.
  9. If all appointments for a testing period are full, testing centers cannot make special accommodations for students who wait too long. Faculty should emphasize the importance of getting an appointment early. If a student does wait too long, faculty members may choose to open the test back up or choose another form of assessment.

Unless otherwise noted, testing centers will follow the previously established testing center policies.

Online proctoring is new for all of us, so we ask for your patience as we work through issues. We will likely need to make policy changes as we continue to learn best practices.

Disability Services continues to work with students requesting testing accommodations. Please refer students to or 801-626-6413. Faculty may also contact Disability Services testing center staff at or 801-626-6896 with any questions about testing accommodations.

We are also creating a website that will provide students with information regarding computer requirements, test environment rules, scheduling exams, and test-day processes. An email will be sent out to all students and faculty once the site is available.

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