Tuition & Payment for Self-Paced and Semester-Based Classes

Tuition Costs for Utah Residents & Non-Utah Residents Living in Utah

Semester-Based Online
  • Courses count toward your full time load.
  • Tuition is the same as if you were taking the course on campus

See the Campus Tuition Table

Independent Study (Self-Paced Online)
  • $278/credit hour*
  • Courses count toward your full-time load, but tuition is collected separately

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Tuition Costs for Non-Utah Residents Living Outside of Utah

Semester-Based Online
  • Costs less than regular non-resident tuition if you are an online-only student
  • Classes are $278/credit hour*
  • Call 1-800-848-7770 and choose "Online & Independent Study Services" to request assignment to the "Online Campus" or to verify your current campus assignment.
Independent Study (Self-Paced Online)
  • $278/credit hour*

*Non-credit courses and graduate level courses will vary in price. See campus tuition table for graduate level fees. Some courses add additional fees for labs or technology to the regular tuition. These fees must be paid before you are considered a paid student. If fees are not paid, you may be prohibited from registering for the next semester or you may not be able to receive your diploma or transcripts.


How to Pay for Your Class

Semester-Based Online
Independent Study (Self-Paced Online)
Tuition is due at the time of registration.



Semester-Based Online*
  • Same as regular campus class refund schedule

See campus refund dates

Independent Study (Self-Paced Online*)

Refund Schedule:

  • Within 14 days 100%
  • Within 25 days 90%
  • Within 36 days 80%
  • After 36 days - no refund

Dropping A Class

  • Courses may be dropped within the first thirty-six days after registration. Please note courses that are dropped during this time will not appear on student transcripts.
  • Between days 37 and 126, after registration, students may withdraw from classes. A “W”, (withdrawal), will appear by the class on student transcripts.
  • No withdrawal from classes without approved Continuing Education Petition between days 127 and 180, after registration.
  • Contact CE Registration to withdraw. Phone: 801-626-6660; Be sure to email your request from your Wildcat Email Account and to also include your student W#.

*If you are on Financial Aid you were awarded your assistance based on a certain number of credit hours for the semester. If you do not successfully complete the number of credit hours per semester that your award was based on, you may jeopardize future funding. For questions, contact the Financial Aid Office.; Phone: 801-626-7569.



For information regarding transcripts please visit the Records Office site. If you have any questions concerning your tuition charges, please call 1-800-848-7770 and choose 'Online & Independent Study Student Services' from the phone menu.