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Admissions Requirements

Entry requirements vary for the different law enforcement certifications. Once you have decided which certification(s) you would like to earn, click on the appropriate links below.

Auxiliary/Special Functions Officer and Basic Corrections Officer Entry Requirements

Per section 53-6-203 of the Utah Code Annotated, every applicant to training programs conducted by a certified peace officer training academy must do the following:
  1. Pass a physical fitness test (held first week of class).
  2. Complete the application process, including a background check and fingerprint search.
  3. Be a U.S. citizen, providing a copy of a birth certificate, a naturalization number or a valid U.S. passport.
  4. Be 21 or older by the Special Functions Officer certification exam (approximately five to six weeks after the start of the academy).
  5. Provide a high school transcript or furnish evidence of successful completion of an equivalent achievement examination.
  6. Demonstrate good moral character as determined by a background investigation (may include consideration of offenses that have been expunged under Utah Code Annotated 77-40-108, have been dismissed, or have been treated in a similar manner to either of these procedures).
  7. Be free of any physical, emotional or mental condition that could adversely affect the performance of duty as a peace officer.
NOTE: As of April 1, 2020, the National Police Officer Selection Test (NPOST) is no longer required for acceptance into the academy. However, some law enforcement agencies may still require the NPOST as part of their hiring processes. If you would like to add an NPOST score to your application, please do so.

Specific requirements and qualifications must be met in order to be a law enforcement officer in Utah. For more information about specific requirements, see the guidelines set by the Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) agency.

Criminal History
Applicants who have been convicted or involved in conduct that is a state or federal criminal offense may not be allowed to apply to a basic peace officer training program or may have to wait to receive certification for a period of time consistent with the current Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) disciplinary guidelines.

Drug Use History
Applicants who have used drugs must wait to apply to the law enforcement academy. For detailed information about waiting periods and other requirements relating to drug use, please refer to the Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) procedures or call POST at 801-256-2300.

Law Enforcement Officer Entry Requirements

Every applicant to the Law Enforcement Officer training program must:

  • Be currently certified as a Special Functions Officer or have completed a certification course for Special Functions Officer in the past four years.
  • Complete the Law Enforcement Officer entrance exam with a score of 80% or higher.
  • Successfully complete the Law Enforcement Officer fitness exam and the Defensive Tactics Familiarization course.